Standard Features

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Control data shared

Each time you'll be using one of your faces to sign up on a platform, you will be give the option to select your personal that you wish to transfer, encrypt or block. No data will be transfered outside of your consent platform. You can access at anytime the platform to update consent preferences.

Easy sign up

Once your profiles are completed you'll be able to use them on different online platforms. Sign up processes will be executed in few clicks.

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Social Features

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Find new contacts can be used to record all your contacts into one place. Once you've set a profile, you'll be able to find your contacts on the platform. You can also make one of your Faces as a public profile, so anyone can follow you and see your publicly available information.

Keep in touch

Update your contact information directly on, so all your contacts will automatically get your new phone number or new email address updated in their smartphone.

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Decide who sees which face

By assigning one face to one contact, you will have the option to decide whether this contact should always see the same face on whatever platform you are both connected with AlloFace SConnect or whether this contact should see your official profile as already set in the platform.

Define who can find you

We do not always wish to be seen by each of our contacts on each platform. When signing up with SConnect, you will be able to decide who among your contacts or groups can find you on which platform.

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