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AlloFace Connect

Leverage AlloFace Connect as a registration service and remove the burden on your users to create and remember another login or password for your web properties.

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Easy Buy / Apply

AlloFace Connect will help you to set a fast path to your signing, buying or applying process. Once users would have been through the AlloFace account creation flows, password management, and account validation, they will be able to share with you the right data in a fast track mode.

Updated user data or GDPR

How much of your data is outdated? How much effort are you spending to collect user data that is then oudated.pdojwifrhwef

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End-to-end Encryption

On our side, we store user personal data, provide you with a user ID, and provide encrypted data that you can display on your site or pass to your partner. On your side, you identify users thanks to the AlloFace ID and encrypt their user experience on your platform. Together, we provide a unique end-to-end encrypted journey for users.

User Verification

As part of the account validation, AlloFace enforces the best in class verification process to ensure that users are real individual and can be reached out in case of issues.

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Exit Assistance

At any time, AlloFace will assist any user or enterprise that has decided to leave the AlloFace platform with the transfer of identification data to the partner platform to ensure the continuity of the online experience for everyone. Users will need to provide their consent for such exit process.

AlloFace SConnect

Leverage AlloFace Social Connect as a Social Login service and enrich your platform with a great social experience for users.

Enrich with Social features

Thanks to the advanced AlloFace social console, users can filter contact

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Enlarge Social Network allows users to share* with you their actual or 2nd degree connections, so you can create greater social experiences.

*Any data from contact connections are encrypted and cannot be transfered without contact consent.

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Easy sign up

As for many of our peers, our sign up and contact details validation flow is increasing user drop off rate. We found in AlloFace the right partner to overcome this challenge and obtain in a quick manner certified data.

Increase our reach

With, users can expand their own social network to not only additional 1st degree connections, but can complement it with 2nd degree ones. Ultimately such expansions are bringing more users to our platform, which is key to our success!

Reinforce Privacy

We found in AlloFace a strong partner to improve our users anonymity and privacy. By receiving encrypted user ID and social information, we are minimizing data available to us and using AlloFace to secure user personal data.