Getting started with AlloFace Connect

Save time by not creating each time a new password, or filling in your information. Just leverage one of your preferred online profiles to sign up, buy or apply online.

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1. Set your online faces

It's simple to create several profiles on Once your profiles are completed you'll be able to use them on different online platforms.

2. Sign up or buy in few clicks

Go on a partner online platforms, pick your prebuilt face, select your personal data to encrypt and then activate!

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Getting Social with AlloFace SConnect

Bring your contacts on, to then connect with them safely on your preferred online platforms thanks to the SConnect privacy and anonymity setup.

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1. Add your contacts to

Bring your contacts from other social media or find them directly in and define who can see which face.

2. Engage with your contacts safely thanks to SConnect

Join online platforms with SConnect. Define who can see you and which of your personal data is available for them or on platform partners.

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We've got you covered

Sharing personal data always involves risk, but AlloFace has been designed with the only purpose to ensure that each user gets the best privacy, anonymity and security possible.


Easy Data Consent

We provide full transparency on data consent that you have with each platform partner or your contacts. You cano easily change your consent preferences at any time.


Strong Privacy & Anonymity Policy

We inforce to ourselves and our partners strong privacy policy. We know who you are, but we will never know what you do on partner sites. Our partners know what you do, but do not know who you are thanks to us. We do not exchange any information without your full consent.


Advanced Data Encryption

We do not share neither any of your personal data without your consent nor any of your contacts' information with our partners. Personal data or contact data visible on partner sites are only for you and are encrypted for our patners thanks to our Partner API.