Symphony Data Solutions

Presents an innovative system and method of patient care that meets the needs of the patients, the caregivers, the business and the payors leading to innumerable benefits that span the whole dimension of healthcare including:-

  • Improved, efficient delivery of patient care
  • Decreased length of stay
  • Decreased cost of care
  • Decreased mortality

Increased Patient

Our patients and their loved ones have told us that they value their time and how we communicate.

Improved Team

Our staff has told us that they value their time at the bedside, time spent with each other and with their loved ones.


Our payors are evaluating us on the quality of care we give.


Our mission is to continue to participate in the movement to change the world, in order do so, we need to remain viable and have good return on investment.


We are an innovative data solution company focused on pioneering new technology that actively increases efficiency and productivity, using the universal language of time.

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Observation Unit

Using the universal language of time and the TVCP method of patient care, our system will increase patient satisfaction and enhance clinical care leading to efficient, cost conscious patient care that integrates the medical clinical path with patient throughput.

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Inpatient unit

Our system provides a comprehensive platform that guides your patients throughout the hospital stay with specific tools for hospitalists, case management, nursing and all disciplines involved in patient care.

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